JANUARY 29th, 2023

Nyemchek's Dance Centre
55 E. Central Avenue
Pearl River, NY

9 AM – Choreographers
10 AM – Dancers



• Dancers will arrive at 10:00 a.m.
• Sign in or register at check-in desk
• Attend selected auditions for 30 minutes each
• Within 48 hours, dancers will be notified via email if they have been selected for a dance


• Choreographers will arrive at 9:00 a.m.
• Sign-in or register at check-in table
• Select audition times with other choregraphers for the day
• Once dancers arrive, play short clip of your music for dancers to hear
• After your audition has ended, you must select your dancers


Dancer Requirements:

• Must be 18 or older, and must not be currently enrolled in high school
• Must pay season fee at first rehearsal (2/5)
• Must have reliable transportation to rehearsals and performances
• Must be able to access the internet for rehearsal schedules, updates, etc.
• Must attend rehearsals every Sunday
Must be able to attend Dress Rehearsal and Performance

• Must be committed to attending rehearsals and adhering to company deadlines and procedures

Choreography Requirements:

• A dance may not have more than 3 choreographers
• A choreographer can be in their own dance
• Choreographer must be able to explain what their vision is for the piece with a small audio clip, whether it be theme, meaning, visual ideas, anything that helps each prospective dancer make their choices
• Choreographers will use email to send dancer selection lists to SDE for posting
*Choreographers who are not performing will pay a fee of $120 for the season*


• Dress Rehearsal will be Friday, June 16th, 2023 and the performance will be Saturday, June 17th, 2023
• Dancers will be able to purchase tickets online
• Music must be approved by SDE
• Music must not contain profane language, following radio rules
• Costumes must be approved among choreographers and company owner to ensure that costumes are not too similar to each other and are appropriate
• Costumes can be selected from any source, choreographers can either purchase their costumes themselves and have dancers pay them directly, or the company will order costumes and dancers will pay SDE for costumes


• Rehearsals will be held on Sundays
• Rehearsals are crucial to the quality of our performance, and should generally not be missed unless absolutely necessary. We have a limited amount of time and choreographers are counting on their dancers to know their dances.
• Dancers must arrive on time and ready to dance for rehearsals
• Choreographers must take attendance at each practice
• Rehearsal schedule will be posted online


• Dancers absolutely must inform their choreographers if they have to miss a rehearsal
• If you miss 5 or more days of rehearsal, you are required to contact your choreographer(s) and set up additional half-hour rehearsals, with a fee of $10/hour
• Dancers must be available for Dress Rehearsal and Performances
• If a choreographer has to cancel a practice, it is up to the choreographer to contact company owner to set up a make-up rehearsal