Frequently Asked Questions

Spotlight Dance Ensemble is a performance group designed for adults who are looking for an outlet to perform dance on stage in front of an audience, whether they are professionals, have other careers, families, or just feel like getting back on stage.
By visiting our Auditions tab! You will be taught a small section of a piece by a choreographer, and audition what you've learned for that choreographer.
You will receive an email with the rosters for each piece. Then, you will be added to a Facebook group if you've made a dance (or several).
The fee for dancers and choreographers is $245 for one season. If you Register Online, you will only pay $230! This fee will be collected once final dance rosters are made.
Rehearsals will be held on Sundays, every week unless otherwise stated. Check the Rehearsals tab for more information.
Our Season 7 performance will be held on Sunday, January 14th at 5pm at the Rockland Community College Cultural Arts Theater. If you'd like to order tickets for our Season 7 show, go to the Buy Tickets page.